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WPS Office for Android offers a good alternative to other expensive work applications. It works quite well despite the constant appearance of ads, since it is a free application anyway. Being able to work on many types of documents, this application will be a great help for those who still have to work while they are mobile. An interesting feature is the ability of the application to convert PDF into a Word file. Considering that it is a free application, this feature is a positive point to the WPS office. You also get 1GB of free storage to store several documents.

WPS Office disadvantages include the non-availability of templates to help create new files. Although it seems unnecessary, an office application should at least provide this function to add variations. The design is a bit confusing too. It will be harder for you to find the tools you need to use when editing your files. It is very bad to remember that the application was already working without problems before. To conclude the review, here are the pros and cons of using this application.

WPS Office download free

WPS Office Apk Highlights

  1. The application is available for free.
  2. It has the ability to work on many types of documents and convert PDF to Word.
  3. Free 1GB storage
  4. The unavailability of the templates.
  5. The interface is not easy to use.
  6. Constant appearance of advertising.

How to use WPS Office Apk:

After installing the application, you can immediately edit the documents in your file cloud with the application. Tap the icon of the folder that says “Open.” It will direct you to the page of the folder and you will see a tab of Storage in the cloud. Tap the plus icon to add new storage in the cloud. Then, tap ‘Add WebDAV / FTP’ and insert the URL of your site in the cloud. Do not forget to insert a title too. Press Send and then you can open the file cloud giving you access to log in.

You can also share files from the application by long pressing the file you want to share. A new box will open and press the “Share” option. You will be provided with several social networking options installed on your phone. Touch the social networks that you are going to use and, in general, they will be automatically attached. Then, you can send it directly to the person you need and you are ready to start.

Change Logs

The one-click backup function has been added to make your local files safe and convenient.
The list of transfer of documents in the cloud was added so that the progress of the load is clearer.
Supports double-click editing, facilitating entry editing. Optimize the user interface of the file list. Click on Download button to download WPS Office free.

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