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The WiFi Analyzer application is used to optimize Wi-Fi networks by scanning signal strength, saturation signal, channel classification, estimated distance and much more.

Analyze the Wi-Fi connections around you. Check the strength of the signals, the channel, the frequency, the MAC address, the type of Wi-Fi device and the type of security of all the Wi-Fi signals that your Android device is detecting. The application also shows the IP address of the Wi-Fi connection to which you are currently connected.

Wifi Analyzer Apk

Wifi Analyzer Apk download latest

If you are configuring a Wi-Fi router or access point, the analysis of channels from different Wi-Fi connections should select a channel that causes the least interference and offers maximum speed. Therefore, for that purpose, the Wifi Analyzer application has a channel classification function that qualifies the channels and also gives you the recommendations of the channels that suit you.

The Android Wifi Analyzer app can be used on any device that has Wi-Fi connectivity. To analyze the signals of the mobile network, we recommend that you use the Open Signal application. The remarkable features of the Wifi Analyzer application are listed below:

Hidden characteristics:

  • SSID of the network
  • Signal strength
  • Network security
  • Display MAC address of the access point
  • WiFi device provider ID
  • frequency of the network,
  • Channel rating and much more

Pro Tips to Use Wifi Analyzer:

  1. Touch the title bar to switch between the 2.4 and 5 GHz Wi-Fi band.
  2. Pass to manually update the contents of the screen.
  3. SSID with [***] means that it is hidden.
  4. The distance to the access point is estimated.

Note: The application is designed to use the least amount of permits possible. The application only requires wifi permission to read wifi data. This application does not require a location permission, but some users are experts say it may be a problem of operating system.

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