Top 10 Warning Symptoms of Damage Kidney – TechyApk

Top 10 Warning Symptoms of Damage Kidney – TechyApk

Kidney is the vital organ of our body which help to dissolve toxins from body. Sometimes symptoms of damage kidney appears clearly on other body areas.

Causes of kidney disease

There are many cases that we can get a proper symptoms other or kidney is working well or not.

There are many possible ways to find symptoms most common urine color add our body parts like legs and hands start swelling.

Today in this article I am going to show you top 10 symptoms of damage kidney

Types of Kidney Disease

  1. Urine Color is the Sign of Damage Kidney

Urine color frequency and amount has great sign are there your kidney is working well or not.

In addition to these changes if you found blood in urine that you must immediately concerned with the doctor because your kidney is damaging.

Some of the toxins and fluids in our dreams which are unnecessary for a body can cause this problems.

  1. Swelling of Body Parts

Swelling of arms legs and feet is another major problem of kidney damaging. Swelling caused due to improper working of kidney functions.

Swelling of arms and legs can also due to your heart improper function. If you are facing these problems please consult any specialist immediately.

  1. Anemia

One of the major problems of kidney stupid you saying less hemoglobin are red blood cells this disease called anemia.

Due to improper function of kidney which could not produce much hemoglobin to create red blood cells.

Several vegetables and medicines can cure this problem.

  1. Skin Problems

Sometimes our skin problems increased and we face pruritus and skin itching. These are the major problems related to our skin which can cause due to kidney malfunctioning.

  1. Bad Breath

Sometimes you feel bad breath it is because of toxic waste in the blood. It also lead to weight loss of your body because kidney did not properly remove toxic material from blood.

  1. Headaches

Headache, fatigue, dizziness and metallic taste it can also cause due to kidney problems.

 Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is very common with many diseases like fatigue, illness etc. If you are feeling continuously back pain then it could be kidney problems.

  1. Nausea and Vomiting

Sometimes our taste got metallic and we did not eat much and feel itchy. In this case patient can face offsets stomach, vomiting during eating etc.

  1. Excessive Cold and Brain Freezing

Sometimes due to anemia related kidney problems can cause extensive cold and stop working of our mind.

Due to kidney problems we hardly think and concentrate in our working. 

  1. Body Weakness

Body weakness or lose weight is another major problem which can cause due to kidney disease. Due to low level of red blood cells or production of hemoglobin can make these problems very common.

There are others symptoms of damage kidney could be confusion, chest pain and pressure and sudden coma.



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