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SwiftKey Keyboard

SwiftKey is the best sliding keyboard microsoft. The keyboard learns your writing style so that you can type fast. Type and use your custom keyboard to send emoji, gif and more than you want.

SwiftKey Keyboard Swipe Key is always friendly to match with your unique ways of learning and writing, khichdi, nickname and emoji.

Built-in emoji emoji keyboard and all you need is more. SwiftKey learns your favorite emoji so you can always send the right reactions to your friends.

SwiftKey conforms to all tastes, writing, designing and free themes to suit any style. Custom keyboard provides automatic correction that actually works. SwiftKey offers useful predictions so you can give your message quickly, without errors. Enter and write the text the way you want, with a predictive keyboard emoji and GIF.

SwiftKey Keyboard Apk Download

SwiftKey Keyboard Apk Download

Download SwiftKey, Slide-Out Keyboard # 1, today.

Less type, and more

Best slide-out keyboard

  • Pass to touch to write or write
  • Spell check and automatic text predictions A.I.
  • Customizable toolbar with an expandable menu quick shortcut

Emoji keyboard

  1. Use to express emoji, sticker and GIF
  2. Emoji keyboard is adaptable, your favorite emoticon prediction for learning and any conversation
  3. Browse the GIF keyboard to select the best GIF for your feedback.

Custom keyboard Features

  • 100 colorful keyboard themes
  • Create your own custom keyboard theme with your photo as background
  • You can easily Modify the size and layout of your keyboard.

Multi-language keyboard

  • Enables to up to five languages at once
  • The keyboard supports more than 300 languages.

Always get custom keyboard matching your style. SwiftKey Keyboard Download Today.

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