Nomophobia Smartphone addiction Mobile Phone Harmful Effects

Nomophobia Smartphone addiction Mobile Phone Harmful Effects – TechyApk

Generally, it can be seen that if the smartphone makers forget about the phone at home then they think that without it, what would they do outside? In addition to their utilities, people unknowingly become uncomfortable in the absence of mobile phones.

Many researches across the world show that if someone continually uses a smartphone, they may suffer from ‘nomenophobia’ disease. The number of victims of this disease is increasing day by day.

According to experts, the guardians are unaware of this danger and they should begin to think seriously about the future and health of their children. Parents probably have no idea that mobile phone addiction can bring terrible physical discomfort to their children.

What is Nomophobia?

Smartphone addiction is called nomophobia. It is a phobia (fear) that your phone may not be lost or you will not have to live without it. A person with this disease is called ‘nomofob’.

In a global survey, 84 percent of smartphone users have accepted that they can not live without a phone for a day. This addiction of the smartphone i.e. nomenophobia affects our body as well as our brain health.

Computer vision syndrome

A survey of the Vision Council of America found that 70 per cent of people have eyes shrink while watching a mobile screen. This vision can later be transformed into Computer Vision Syndrome Disease. In which the sufferer has a problem of drying eyes and being blurred.

Spinal cord

According to the United Chiropractic Association, the shoulders and necks tend to fall on using the phone continuously. Spinal cord begins to affect the spinal cord.

Effect on the lungs

There is a problem in breathing or deep breathing due to the sloping neck. Its direct effect falls on the lungs.

Kidney can fail

75 percent of people take their cell phones to the bathroom, so that the number of e-coli bacteria is found on 1 of every 6 phones. Diarrhea and kidney failure are expected due to this bacteria.

Mobile Sleepy Sleep

For two hours, continuous mobility of the face on the face decreases melatonin to 22 percent. It is difficult to sleep. That is, looking at the mobile for a long time may be a problem of sleeping. In the survey, 12 percent of the people said that the use of smartphones has a direct effect on their personal relationships.

Smartphone decreasing confidence

In the survey, 41 percent of the people believed that to avoid being stupid in front of anyone, they do not have to be entangled in mobile. Doing this reduces their confidence.

Increased concern with smartphone

In a survey, consumers using 45 percent of smartphones have accepted that they worry that their phone will not be lost.

Harassing Figures

  • 37 percent of adults and 60 percent of teens thought they had addiction to their smartphone.
  • 50 percent f smartphone users check Facebook during movie viewing.
  • 20 percent of the people said they see their phone every 10 minutes.

Experts believe that more use of mobile needs increases distance from family and friends. This also worsens the social image. There is a need for awareness of the dangers of using mobile phones.

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