NO LUK – Best Screen Guard Apk Download

You are sitting in a packed spot and you are composing private messages, yet individuals can see your presentation and read your messages while you are composing.


NO LUK Screen Guard Privacy Filter is the appropriate response, it ensures your security. It draws a framework layer over your presentation. Security is vital.



You need to take a gander at your ledger in a packed spot like in a train, and individuals can take a gander at your showcase while you are entering your secret phrase. With NO LUK Screen Guard Privacy Filter you can conceal the showcase and enter securely your information. Spare your secret word from beeing seen by others.


At work:

You are sitting in a gathering and you got a critical message, which you need to reply. Yet additionally you need to be deferential, so you don’t need them to see, that you are composing private messages. With NO LUK you can shroud your showcase and no one close you can peruse or recognize your activity.


In a train/transport:

You are remaining in the jam-packed train and you are composing posts in facebook. Individuals around you can see your showcase, pursue your posts and see your private photographs. With NO LUK Screen Guard Privacy Filter you can conceal your presentation. Protection is essential. Spare your protection.

NO LUK - Best Screen Guard Apk Download

NO LUK – Best Screen Guard Apk Download

NO LUK Screen Guard Privacy Filter needs an imperative consent


There are better approach for applications since 2-3 years, which is utilized to demonstrate applications over different applications. NO LUK is utilizing that to ensure your presentation, amid the utilization of different applications without shutting NO LUK.


NO LUK needs the consent to get to the “Fotos” and “information” to spare the chose fotos to the filesystem. We are not utilizing client accounts, so no client information is sent to any servers. Everything is done lokal.


Security Filter:

This application, essentially called ‘Protection Filter,’ has a similar general thought as the Screen Guard application above, however with an alternate usage. As opposite to covering an example and kinds onto the screen, this application allows clients to pick some share of the screen to cloud with a dim frequency, and to allow that network at whatever point important.


The video above demonstrates an extraordinary use situation for this — clients can set the channel so it hinders the majority of the screen aside from the console, making it simple to type things without others having the capacity to perceive what you’re doing. This is incredible for ultra-paranoid informing sessions or, as the video appears, composing in an email address or username you’d preferably others adjacent not see.


Security SCREEN:

At long last, there’s an Android application called Privacy SCREEN that mixes the best highlights from both of the above applications into a solitary item. This application puts a flexible security screen onto a piece of a telephone’s presentation. The client is then ready to rearrange that screen’s size, move the screen to cover the piece of the presentation they need to keep private, and change its straightforwardness utilizing a swiping movement.


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