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Lock for apps (WhatsLock) is the new application to protect your data. With this it is possible to avoid unauthorized access to your chats, thus ensuring your privacy.

WhatsLock Characteristics:

The password can be entered in two ways:

  • Numeric Password.
  • Block pattern.

Application blocking: can protect other applications from unauthorized access. We suggest you protect your applications with contacts and photos.

Lock for apps (WhatsLock) APK download

Lock for apps (WhatsLock) APK download

False window: if someone tries to open Messenger, a false window will be displayed that hides the names and photos of the initial page. To unlock and gain access to the application, the user must provide their password. You can add fake chats to make the window more real for intruders.

Hide your friends (you need the root): you can keep a friend secret by hiding your profile picture.Hide the WhatsLock icon. Hide photos and videos from the gallery. Full screen to block Methods.

Drunk mode: avoid sending inappropriate messages when you drink beyond measure. At midnight to unlock the application, you must enter the password and answer a mathematical question. Unlock tools for strong security.

Whats Cleaner Plugin, eliminates duplicate files of chats. Premium All support for only $ 0.99 / year.
Help us translate the application to other languages ​​and get the FREE PRO version of the application.

Frequently asked questions

1) How to change the password?

Click on “I forgot my password”. WhatsLock will send a recovery code to your email. Check your Spam inbox.

2) Hide the WhatsLock icon, how to open AppLock now?

Enter #YourPassword on your dial pad and touch the call button to open WhatsLock.

3) Do I buy a premium account and can not access premium features?

You need to synchronize your account. If you are using “Premium Account”, then open it to synchronize your account. Try to access premium features.

4) It does not work on Android Lollipop 5.1.1 or 6.0

You need access enabled to the application to work on this version of Android. To activate it, go to Settings -> Security -> Applications with use access -> enabled for WhatsLock.

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