Google Drive Apk Download Latest version

The latest version of Google Drive APK is a useful Google service. Provides users with around 15 GB of free space to store document data with photos and videos. If the available free space is not enough, you can buy more space for $ 2.50 for each 25 GB free space.

In addition, this app allows the user to access it via website and phone. It has been said that the app is one of the best competitors against similar applications like Dropbox and Linux, although it still can not beat Microsoft 7Gb SkyDrive.

Google Drive Apk Download

Google Drive Apk Download

Features of Google Drive

The application is almost identical to the man in terms of perfection. There is no full 100% application because when it comes to comparison between other applications, there are pros and cons. Google Drive for Android is responsible for organizing your files without your knowledge. For example, some of your documents will disappear in the “My Drive” option, but can be customized under another option. So you have to do additional research. These applications have some side and opposition.


Powerful search capability When it comes to photos, this app displays a great function when you recognize teachers or people inside your photos. For example, if you have released some pictures of the Eiffel tower, then you should just type eiffel and all relevant images will be shown.
Bigger integration Many similar applications work while copying files saved on the Internet, but this app has a high integration in this problem. Users are not allowed to download a copy of their records. Instead, there will be accessible file files accessible through the browser.


Limited support for mobile phones. The app was originally made for Android, but was developed in other versions such as iOS, Blackberry, and Windows Phone. It is said that other versions of the app are not as good as Android. In addition, the drive user interface on the drive app is better than the browser.

How to use Google  Drive:

This app is easy to use before, if you do not have it or are not available on your phone, then install the app. Then, touch the app by touching it from the Home screen. Then, click the arrow button in the lower-right corner and then click on Full. Therefore, you are logged into your account. To upload files to the unit, select the document that you want to upload, and then click the share button.

When options appear, choose Save to Unit. Allow Google to access your files, and from there you can change the title or add it to the document before saving. Not only this, when you upload files to disk, you can share them with someone else via the link to share or send the file. There are several options available for sharing such as email or message. Later, if you want to see the files shared with someone else, select the “Share with me” option to see the list.

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