Christmas Day 2018 – Know why Christmas festival is Celebrated – TechyApk

Christmas Day 2018 – Know why Christmas festival is Celebrated – TechyApk

On December 25 of every year Christmas festival is celebrated with great fanfare all over the world. The festival begins on the night of December 24. On this day, people of Christian community celebrate Jesus Christ as the birthday.

Jesus was born in Bethlehem in 336 AD. Initially, his birthday is not celebrated on December 25, but Christian Roman emperor Constantine the Great announced that on 25 December the Birthday of Jesus Christ will be celebrated as Christmas.

Since then, this festival is being celebrated. Today it is the biggest festival celebrated all over the world. It is not just people of the churning community but people of all religions are people.

How did Jesus Christ be born?

Thousands of years ago, an angel named Gabriel appeared to Mary and said that you will be pregnant by the Holy Spirit and a son will be born. His name is Jesus. When this information came to Mary’s fiancé Joseph, she was afraid of infamy. He wanted to leave Mary with fear of slander. Knowing his thoughts, the same angel told Joseph that Mary is pregnant by the Holy Spirit, do not be afraid to bring her here. After hearing the angel’s voice, Joseph took a sari from Mary and brought her home.

Tell that at that time the Nazarene was part of the Roman Empire. When Mary was pregnant then the census began in that state. Then, due to the rules, Joseph went to Bethlehem city of Jerusalem to write his name to his wife Mary. There he took refuge in a gaushala and gave birth to a child here. After giving birth to the child, they wrapped him in a basket and kept him in a basket. As soon as the shepherds of that same child came to know that Jesus was born. He reached all to see.

The birth of Christ is an important event for the followers of Christianity. It is believed that God sent his Son to redeem the world from the sins of the world.

It is said that by 30 years of age, he visited many places to serve the people. Everybody had some miracles about their miraculous wonders. Jesus had also foreshadowed his death and told his followers all these things. While hanging on the cross, they had prayed for God for those who killed them, that the Lord should forgive them, these are Nadan.

How is Christmas celebrated?

A lot of people are present in the church on a night of 25 December, and after 25 days, Christmas is a great feast. Christmas carols and Santa Claus are an important part of the celebration for children. On this day church singers sing Christmas Carol, while some people prepare with candy bags as Santa Claus and give candies to the children.

During this Christmas tree is decorated with colored bells, candles, candy, stars and different gifts. Most of the Christmas decorations include four colors – red, green, golden and white, and they also have their own importance. The green color reflects the eternal life, the red color indicates Christ shade, the golden color reflects the royal life and reflects white peace.

On Christmas Day, delicious food is available. During this, the whole family enjoys it together. Traditional Christmas cuisine includes dishes like roasted turkeys, gingerbread, roasted chicken, Christmas cake, eggplant, mashed potatoes and wine.

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