C Notice Apk Download latest Version

C Notice Apk Download latest Version

C Notice is the best android app to receive visual notice of all application. Receive skimming notifications from selected applications and monitor everything that is vital to you, all without expecting to access your telephone’s status bar and directly from the lock screen.

Experience an exceptionally clean and straightforward gliding window plan with a one of a kind colored header show. After receiving another notification C Notice shows a visual notice of the individual application as a gliding icon.

C Notice Apk Download

C Notice Apk Download

All notification icons drift over some other application and can along these lines be accessed and interacted with whenever you need until expelled. Utilize swipe signals on icons to trigger quick actions (open, extend, dismiss,…) and interact with notifications of all sort easily.

Imperative Note:

if it’s not too much trouble ensure “Turn Screen On” is UNTICKED, on the off chance that you decide to uninstall this application because if it’s TICKED, Device Administrator is ACTIVATED which will block your uninstallation.

Highlights including:

Drifting notification icons:

  1. Unread Text Messages.
  2. Missed Calls
  3. Upcoming Calendar Events and Reminders
  4. Unread Emails (Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook,…)
  5. App Notifications (Facebook, Twitter, Google+,…)

Customizable Features:

  •  Custom Application List
  • Notification Popup Style
  • Auto Screen Turn On (with Pocket Detection)
  • Auto Icon Position
  • Direct Open App
  • Rounded Icon Style
  • Unread Count Badge Position
  • Floating Window Opacity Settings

Prime Feature (In-App Purchase):

  1. Individual Icons Popup Style
  2. Unlock »Individual Icons Popup Style« and reposition each individual gliding notification icon uninhibitedly to your loving.

To actualize a few highlights, C Notice may need to show notification on the screen. This occurs with a postpone forced by Android and keen locks such as unique mark sensors will continue working. On the other hand, the application might be enrolled as a device overseer. The screen is then locked quickly, yet unique mark sensors and other brilliant locks will never again work.


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