Ashika’s romantic poster displayed by Sachin Pilgaonkar – Who will be acting heroine

Ashika’s romantic poster displayed by Sachin Pilgaonkar – Who will be acting heroine – TechyApk

Even though the two words of ‘Ashik’ and ‘Aashiqui’ are spoken, romantic and loving couple like ‘Laila-Majnu’, ‘Romeo-Juliet’ and do not miss their love story.

Ashikee said that the idea of ​​love, craving for love, and trying to please a partner in front of him will come in the right direction. This is what Ashishi will now be seeing in Marathi.

Just as the aforesaid does not know what to do in life, it does not even know what Ashikis mean without love and love. So, seeing a new couple’s love story, everyone will definitely say, “Ashikee” …

Marathi film ‘Aashiqui’ directed by Sachin Pilgaonkar will be released in February next year. Last year, Tendulkar made an announcement on this birthday as a return gift on his birthday. This film will be special for many reasons. As such, the romantic title of this film, the story, again and again, after 5 years of Sachinji, the directorial, starcast, locations etc.

Sachin Acharya will be very impressed with this and if you say that ‘Aashiqui’, then Sachinji chose the pair of Hero-Heroine in this film. Young, talented actress Laxmikant Barde will appear in the role of Hero in the film, but the acting heroine who is still a Secret will be revived soon.

The film’s teaser poster has recently been launched on social media. But in the teaser poster, the heroine’s face was not fully shown, so many ideas of Sachin’s film Heroine are being built. This teaser poster will give the audience an excitement for the audience to love them with love.

Gulshan Kumar presented this kind of ‘Ashikki’ by T-Series Bhushan Kumar and Krishan Kumar. Also, The Moving Pictures and Suhshiriya Chitra have also produced this film, and the film is also produced by Wajir Singh, Joe Rajan and Supriya Pilgaonkar. With the directorial debut, Sachinji has also taken the responsibility of the music direction of the film. Not only that, story-script-dialogues have also been written by Sachinji.

This romantic Journey of ‘Aashiqui’ will be available on Valentine’s Day on 14th February, and the audience will be able to take a look.

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