7 Best Ways to Increase Your Appetite – TechyApk

7 Best Ways to Increase Your Appetite – TechyApk

In this article we will discuss about the best ways to increase appetite make healthy and decrease appetite problems. Poor appetite or have no desire to eat is due to some mental and physical illness.

Causes of Appetite

Appetite can cause due to physical or mental illness.

Many people specially in who faced frustration and depression during all the day has less desire to eat something.

Appetite can cause due to Kidney or heart failure. It can also cause due to chronic liver disease, HIV and hepatitis.

Here are the top 7 ways which will increase your appetite.

1. Eat Small Meals Frequently

Frequently eating of small bites of foods are very efficient way to increase your appetite.

One more thing about appetite is it is not a good thing. So, you must eat food bytes by bytes frequently but not eating fastly.

2. Nutrients Rich Foods

There are many nutrient rich foods available like milk, candies, dark chocolates, ice creams.

These kinds of foods are more appetizing and contain much calories which increase your wish to eat something.

Green vegetables are also useful to increase your appetite.

3. Calories Rich Meal

One of the best way to increase your appetite to eat calories rich meal.

There are many foods available which are rich in Calories and vitamins these are butter, olive oil, whole milk and nut butters.

How to increase hunger home remedies?

Here are some remedies to increase hunger at home.

  1. You can simply cook your eggs with butter to eat. This type of remedy contains 45 calories.
  2. Use milk without water with cooked oatmeal. This contain 80 calories. It is a good source of calories.
  3. Use peanut butter with apple slices will also increase your appetite. It will also fulfill your calories need because they contain 100 calories.

4. Schedule Meal Time

If you are eating food and your meal time is not in order then you can face many problems.

To increase your appetite, you must schedule your meal.

It is necessary to schedule your meal time because it will stimulate your appetite that help you to consume enough calories for a day.

5. Eat Less Fiber

Fiber is the main source which will not only lose weight but it also feels you that you are full and not to eat more.

One of the main reasons is that they slow down the digestive system and decrease your appetite instead of increasing.

So, you must eat less fiber if you want to increase your appetite.

6. Eat Favorite Food

One of the possible ways is to increase your appetite is to eat favorite food you want. Once you eat your favorite food you will wish to eat it again.

According to research if you choose a favorite food to eat the options to eat once more and again will increase. Along with there are many other foods available that will increase your appetite

Foods that increase appetite

  • Bananas
  • Orange
  • Apples
  • Nut butter
  • Salty snacks like popcorn

7. Supplements

Supplement can increase your appetite by maintaining certain vitamins and minerals in your body.

If you eat more foods with different vitamins and minerals it will fulfill your need an increase your appetite.

Vitamins that increase appetite

1. Zinc

Think will also create problems like less appetite and also disturbance in taste and Desire.

So, you have to eat foods that contain much amount of zinc.

2. Thiamine

Thiamine deficiency can call different problems like weight loss and much more energy in your body.

You have to take Thiamine supplements increase your appetite.

3. Fish oil

In women it is a better fish oil which you increase your appetite and reduce the feeling ” I cannot eat more”.

4. Echinacea

Echinacea is a natural herb has many advantages. It increases your immune system in fight with different diseases contains alkylamines compounds which stimulate your appetite and increase it.

There are many other possible ways to increase your appetite like exercise, use spices and herbs and one more thing don’t skip breakfast.

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