10 Amazing Facts about India

10 Amazing Facts about India

India is a vast South Asian country and second world largest country of 1.333 billion population. From Himalayan to Indian coastline its border attached to Pakistan and China. India has geographical importance and has many historical places and interesting facts that you must know about India.

Here are the top 10 interesting facts about India by know them you will get excited

  1. Water ratio

India is a well-known 7th best country in the world which has over 3. 5 million square kilometers of land but an interesting fact is only 9.6 of land has water and lacks. As compared to other countries there is a lack of water facilities in village areas of India.

According to international Charity water Aid India is facing lots of burdens to facilitate clean water to Indian Poorest people.

According to the poet, 75.8 Indians have no access to drinking clean water instead they are forced to buy clean water. Last year due to contaminated water lots of citizen at Bangalore die.

  1. IT industry and engineers

Indian IT industry is a well-known and growing industry in the world and their engineers and IT specialist are working in world best companies like

NASA, Google and

Facebook too. An interesting fact about Indian research and engineers is that they made their first rocket 21 November 1963 and the rock it was so light that it can carry to launching station in Kerala on a bicycle. India’s first rocket was built under few engineers in a round about 6 months.

  1. Bandra World Sea link

The world largest usage of Steel wires which is almost equal to the earth’s circumference was built in Bandra World Sea link. It was completed in $220 million add open for public usage in 2009.

The interesting fact is there are almost 20,000 tons of Steel wires are used thousands of workers which is equal to 50,000 African elephants’ weight, as the African elephants are the world biggest elephants in the world. This is the biggest architecture ever built in India.

  1. The world’s largest milk production

India street number #1 economy has the largest milk producer in the world. From 2014 he takes over this greatest production of a male from Western Union and till now according to report 146.31 Million tons of Milk has been produced.

India is also famous for having buffalo milk producer in the world and having 37 cattle breed.

  1. Diamond mining in India

If you talk about diamonds in India from about thousands of years diamonds were mined in India and it was the biggest source of diamond production.

Later on, in 1725 source of diamond was discovered in Brazil and letter on in South Africa in 80s.

India is also now producing diamond and has a big source alluvial deposits in Guntur and Krishna District.

  1. The highest number of post offices in the world

1.35 billion population of India has the highest number of post offices through according to report India has the greatest network of post offices working in different cities of India and almost 1, 55,015 post offices are now working.

  1. Rat Temple in India

India is also famous for having Karni Mata rat temple where thousands of rats are feed it sounds like weird but it’s true. Karni Mata rat temple which was located in Rajasthan India is the famous temple of rats according to report approximately 25,000 black rats and birds live in a temple.

   8. Roopkund the lake of skeletons

In the Roopkund Uttarakhand state of India was found which was full of Skeleton on a high altitude. It was found in 2014.

According to geologist and researchers, more than 300 people’s skeletons are in this lake, this leg is also called a shadow like having to meet up.

Foreigners and tourist visit this place.

  1. Land of snake

India is also called as a land of the snake. According to a report in zoologist research, there are almost 270 species of snakes found in India.

The world fastest and venomous snakes are present in India. Indian cobra, Russell Viper Krait and more than 60 highly venomous snakes can be found in India.

  1. Strange weather and red rain

India is the place of having strange phenomena and weather.

A village name Mawsynram is very famous for having highest recorded rainfall in the world and also the wettest place ever. This village has a record of heavy rainfall in 1861.

Another strange phenomenon which was occurred in 2001 in Kerala where the red rain this was also known as a blood rain on the earth.

Naturalists 10 scientists from all over the world come to India for research purposes as this is the biggest place of having strange phenomena geographical and has the oldest places on earth.

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